Thursday, August 29, 2013

MTC #1 Clayton Rodney England Mexico City East Mission

Dear mom,
Thanks so much for all that you've done!!  It really means so much!  No I don't need my temple clothes, but I wrote you and told you what I needed, I'm sorry to still be such a drain!!

Well this week has been really really hard.  The first few nights I was doing well, but Sunday Night, Monday, and Last night were extremely tough.  I don't know what it is.  I just feel like I can't do this.  I know that its gonna be alright, but i'm still freaking out.  Well last night I got to shake Elder Anderson's hand at the devotional!!!  It was so cool!!  Then yesterday my teacher, Brother Laundsbury was explaining the spirit to me and it was really really cool.  The spirit was strong.  I need to learn to recognize the spirit better but that will come in time.  I've got to go for now, but I love you and dad so much!!  I'll try to write today too!!!

Hey Family
This is...Clayton.

I'm so so so so so so so so sorry for not writting you alot!!
Well every day here starts at 630, we go to breakfast or workout, and then we go to class.  Then we're in class for a long time...then more class.  We are doing this thing called progressing investigator.  We teach an RM that pretends to be someone he met on his mission.  Our investigator is Constantino.  he is '60' years old, but he's really just like 25.  He is interested in the plan of salvation, and his son is a bishop.  We are trying to really explain to him all the lessons, but it's hard because more than 90% of the time I have no idea what's happening!!!  

Ok funny story time.  So like the second day, me and Elder Hutchins who is in my district were going to the bathroom.  He's already started pooping, and i go...there is really something in the food here because I just erupted.  Elder hutchins starts laughing, which makes me laugh, which makes me poop/fart each time I laugh!!!!  Sorry this is kinda dirty...but it was one of the funniest experiences i've ever had.  I freaking love Elder Hutchins!!!!  He's the funniest kid I've ever met.
I'm really sorry I'm not good at writting, but I've been so swamped down this week.  Please be patient withe me!  I sent you a long letter that should be getting to you today or tomorrow.  It has a few things that I need.   This is so weird because I know that I'm like 30 minutes from home, but it feels like a world away.  I need you guys more than ever!!! please write me!!!
I actually have an hour to write, but I think I have ADD so I cant really just sit here.  Especially because this week I really didn't get any mail, haha.  

Well I'm sure I've already said it a few times, but this is hard!!  Lately I've been trying so so so so hard to tap into the Atonement, and I just don't know how to do  that just yet!!  It will get better, that I'm sure of!  Well a couple nights ago, I had a super scary dream, i was getting attacked by the adversary (i say adversary cause the word satan has started to really scare me) but in my dream The Espiritu santo told me to bear my testimony.  i woke up and something was holding my hands down.  I couldn't move...I bore my testimony, and when I said 'amen' I was released!!  I don't tell you this story to scare you, or to make you think that this is dangerous, I tell you this because it has taught me the power of a testimony.  i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a testimony is probably our greatest weapon against the adversary.  In our sunday devotional, one of the 70, stephen allen, really stressed that "beleive it or not, we are at war!"  This really spoke to me.  We are constantly being attacked, and we need to be on the offensive!!!  I invite all of you (my family) to realize that this is a war, one that's already decided, but we need to decide what side we are on.  Our religion is not an easy one.  In fact i'm sure it's the hardest.  We all give so much, but when you do it because you love god, and the savior, it makes it easy.  When we want to give all that we have to the One that has saved us and the One that has made us we never want to stop giving.  I'm sorry to become to sound like im on my high horse, but writing this e-mail really is sort of a release from the stress of the mission.  I know that our savior loves us, and while im still trying to understand that love, i know that it is stronger than any other thing in the universe.  Love is what powers us...

I love all of you so much!!!
Please pray and write me, I need it!
love, Elder Clayton Rodney England

(To His Brothers:)
Thanks for stealing my stuff, love ya man!
-Elder England

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