Friday, August 30, 2013

MTC #2 Last Family HIke

Querido Familia, 

I love the letter you sent me dad! I like getting updates especially about the fam, but also the SLC! My campanion is getting sick of me talking about cars...just kidding...but seriously! So I'm only allowed to talk about cars on p-day, which is today so yessss! Dad, thanks you so much for the words of advice! I think I'm going to print them off and gett them laminated! They really are so inspirational! I'm so lucky to have a dad like you!

Cole!!!!!!!! Doooood!!!!! You little ladies man! Killing it! Going to homecoming!!! Send me pictures! Get a nice suit! Get the one from Dumb and Dumber!!! It's one of my final wishes so you have to!!! You seriously will be the coolest kid ever!! I'm jealous about boating!! I'm actually mostly just jealous that you guys can get in the water...I really wish i could!

The last weekend Clayton shared with us as a family, we did an old family favorite: hiking! 

Two babies will be joining the family soon!

                      What is Cole going to do without his brother Clayton around to police him?

Hey man!  Iove you too, and I'm really praying for you!!!  How's school going?!
-Elder Clayton Rodney England

Hay brosky I miss you so mush this is cole I love u 

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