Wednesday, September 4, 2013

MTC #3 Fiesta with Queso and Chips!


 On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 10:47 AM, Clayton England wrote: 

 It rained last weeek here and it was so nice to run around in it, even though I was in my suit, and it was right after the devotional where Niel L. Anderson spoke! Well Elder Evans spoke last night here, he pulled me out of class to come see him! haha i truly love that man! He has a picture of us I think!!

So dad you'd be glad to know that we quote some of your favorite movies a lot of the time! School of rock, and Elf...well at least i quote, and no one knows, but oh well! Our district is getting really close now, I like all the guys...mostly but I'm not gonna talk bad on anyone. Last night we had p-day eve and had a fiesta with queso dip, and candy! I like doing things like that!!!

So fill me in on what everyone is doing!!! I wanna know about everyone! Make them sit down and write me for five minutes! Cass! hows steve? Haha please!!! Oh tell amanda sorry I didn't have a specific letter for her!! I loved her story about mckay and his mixing up fruits! ...I still don't trust him...;)

So I'v got a new teacher, hermano telado. He's from mexico city, and he's really funny! He's really small and has a super high voice, but he's hilarious and I love him! So I told you about my" investagator"? Hermano Bennet is one of my teachers and he was pretending to be a investigator, Constantine. But when he teaches us, he's a lot like Elder Holland, in that when he gets intense, he lights your eyes on fire, and inspires you!!! He's super cool! Well I don't have to much time but I love you guys! I need a couple things...SORRY!!!!

1) work out timer
 2)febreeze..any kind 
 3)Car model...please!! and like a calenday, of cars, or church stuff, but at least pictures of cars.      4)Posters of the savior, there is an artist i like, i can't remember his name, but there is a painting he did     of jehovah creating the earth, and its rally cool and artsy, but I think we own it somewhere, but    anything is great! 
6)anything else you want to send me!!! 

 Adios family!!
 Love you!!! -Elder Clayton Rodney England

P.S.  I'm going to vegas on Monday to get my visa, so I might be able to call you, We'll see!!! 

It's so weird to think I've been here for only three weeks... It feels like I've been here for a year already!!  It's kind of ridiculous!  The mtc is just limbo I swear.  When I went to Las Vegas, it was so weird to see that there was a real world out there!  I met a lot of really nice people, and got a chance to share the gospel a little bit!  There was an older couple sitting behind us on the plane, and they were Nazarenes', which is I think some sort of Baptist church, but I don't know.  They were really nice and really impressed with us.  We got to talking and the wife said they had gone to Temple Square to go to the Family History Library, because she is really into genealogy.  I told her that the Church had a really good Family History site, Family Search, and gave her the information.   She was really happy to hear about it.  I really hope that opens some doors for her to have more interaction with the church later. something funny that happened...well our district leader has sworn on the bible that he won't speak english for the rest of the mtc...and he's not very good at spanish haha.  Mostly he's just gotten really good at charades!  Every time he talks it goes like this: ummm.....muchas.....denada.....por favor......aveceasesddsesfagakjoerjj.  He really impresses me with his commitment, but it's really funny!

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