Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MTC #7 24/7 Spiritual

Ok, I will try to get a go phone in the airport, I'm not sure if they have them in Salt Lake, so if not I will call you both there, and in Houston at around 10-12. I will call you earlier in Salt Lake at around 6 in the morning. That way we can coordinate better. 

 Thank you so much for the letter mom, it was really nice to read. haha i do not judge you at all for the letters, haha don't stress it. 

 Well this is the last email i will have in the United States, I'm really excited, and really nervous!! I'm scared I won't have the drive, but I know Heavenly Father will help me out with this! 

Well, I could hear the BYU Utah game, and I got a pretty good sense that Utah was winning most of the time because I could hear the Utah song playing a lot of the time! That was pretty awesome!! 

Something I'm studying: right now: I am using pmg to develop Christlike attributes, and I'm studyin hope. It was really interesting to me that hope and faith were in different catagories. What I've been learning is that hope really is a strong firm belief in the blessings of Heavenly Father. Hope is knowing that God will keep His word, especially when you don't have a sure knowledge. Hope is always the most powerful when it's hard to have. If you push on when it's hard, you come out at least 3 times stronger! haha...that's a joke! 

Something spiritual; this one's hard because 24/7 is spiritual hear, so it's hard to have specific times. I think this week was in the temple, and I couldn't really tell what Heavenly Father was telling me. It was really frustrating...I think this is an important spiritual lesson, because we often know what we need to do, but we feel like we always need spiritual confirmation. Sometimes we need to just take a leap and go and do! I know what I need to do; I need to serve Heavenly Father well and give it my all. 

 Thank you mom for preparing me for this. 
-I love you ma 
-Elder Clayton Rodney England

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