Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mexico City #1 Clayton gets to Mexico City!

                                                          Clayton Gets to Mexico City!

Oct. 7, 2013 Hola! Well first week in the field…I may say that this has been the longest week in my entire life! In the MTC I had so little to write about and now I have too much! Hope you like the photo from my Mission President. I love that guy! He is super cool.

 Do you like our washing machine? It's now from GE. our laundry room…outside!

 Here's an update on my first week: On Monday we land and went right to Temple Square, spent the night at the Mission Home and with the Mission President. The house was super cool. The next day we left and had a 10 hour training followed up with meeting our companions.

 My companion is Elder Lopez and I'll talk about him later. On Tuesday night we went to a recently baptized member's home. It honestly moved so fast. It felt insane! My area is Aero Puerto, which is one of the safest areas here, I'm told. You wouldn't know from looking at it though. I wake up to police sirens. On Friday I had one of the funniest days of my life. After study time, me and my companion left to go have my companion buy new garments. But when we got to the metro station, there were other Elders. All of a sudden, I was on the other side of the railing with a different missionary and my companion was asking away. We had gone on splits and I had not had any idea. It was super funny. Part of the reason I didn't understand what my companion was telling me was…he didn't! He's from this Mexican state that is mainly rural. His spanish is not what I learned from the MTC, or what I'm hearing it. From what I can tell is that he speaks some sort of hick spanish because I can kinda understand others.

 But whatever, back to the splits. Well, me and Elder Alva, (he's dope!) went back to his apartment where there were two other American missionaries I knew from Utah. We studied for a couple of hours and then went out to do some service.

Our service project was to walk a member and her son to a school so they could pick up her daughter. She needed help because last time she had been beaten up by thugs in the middle of the day while doing this simple thing….not America here! While we were walking with them to school, I was talking to her son. He was about 4 years old. He spoke much better spanish than me. I had to say "Como? (what) sooooo many times. I was laughing so hard at myself. So we walked these two to the school that turned out to be an All Girls Middle School. The funniest thing happened when when all the girls came out of the school. They started gathering around us. It was so funny. They would talk to me and quickly realize that I spoke the same amount of spanish as a rock. But they kept saying :Sus Ojos! Their eyes! That was super funny to me because they are super excited to see someone with any color in their eyes.

 Well, my companion is Elder Lopez. We missed the first session of General Conference on Saturday. I have no idea why…so weird. In General Conference I heard the quote from The Great Gatsby, something about beating on against the current, keep on rowing, something like that. So Family, I want to tell you to keep rowing. Keep on pushing. Keep on pushing against the current. We are born to succeed. It's the only reason we are here. Heavenly Father wants all of us to succeed! I'm reading Alma 40-55 this week. Please study with me.

 I love you guys,
Elder Clayton Rodney England

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