Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mexico City#4 Baptism!


1)   Please, please, please send snickers or twix or something like that, and please send something i can give to my companion.  If you could, a Little model england truck, or a car.  something cool like that.  some medicine.  Like fiber ohhhh and health snacks!!!!  I''m getting fat!!  ok and and q tips, baby wipes and i uess any thing else you want to send me!

2)   I love the photos.  From the pictures I sent last week,  I have  our family photo in my scriptures for when I have a bad moment.

3)My spanish is doing alright right now, so mom you don't need to fast anymore.  I appreciate it, and it really has helped.  I've been very blessed.

Ok so family:
I think I'm going to write a big letter to the family and the others that right me so I can keep thngs straight.

Wow this week has been a long one!  This has been a week full of ups and downs.  Really nice experiences and reallyhard days. 

Well tuesday last week, I had a really tough morning. I was feeling like I really didn't know if the Savior even wanted me here.  It was really hard until companionship study.  Right before, I felt the impression to pray.  During the prayer I felt impressed to get a blessing from my companion.  My copanion gave me one of the most beautiful blessings.  The gift of toungues was present because I could understand everything.  Immediately I felt a flood of peace fill my soul.  I felt the love of Christ in my heart.   I know that i'm wanted here.

Like I said this week was hard.  My compaionion, Elder lopez, is by all means a very good Elder in comparision to the ""fritos" in the missión.  Before this misision, as you guys know, I wasn't always one to stick to something.  Before my missión I prayed so much to be blessed with a hard working companion.  The Lord Heard me!  My companion WORKS really hard.   He's from a little pueblo more north where the people really aren't that nice.  He Works!  I really need to be grateful for that and have more patience with him.  I''ve made a new goal to never ever raise my voice at my companion, because when I'm married, I will not be a man who yells at his wife.  I need to learn now for skills for the future.

Ok, so like I said earlier, the airport is right next to my missión.   It rain's about once a week, but the city is really dirty.  The subway...well a man rolled in glass today to get money from people...that was interesting...  haha I honestly love this place!

Right now 'm trying to change so I'm giving EVERYTHING to the misión.  I never ever want to relax and become lazy.  Please help me never do that!

Well, I'm baptizing our investigator this sunday!!!!!   I will send you pictures next week.
I love you all.  

yo sé que ese iglesia es verdadero.  Yo sé que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y todos nosotros tenemos el poder a cambiar nuestros mismos.  Estoy muy agradacido por ustedes.  Les amo con todo me corazón
con amor

Elder Clayton Rodney England

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