Friday, February 14, 2014

Mexico City #19

Mexico City #19
February 3, 2014

My dear family,
This morning we found out that we have changes!  Haha!   The weird thing is that we both have changes!  Crazy right?  That hardly ever happens here!   Before I tell you about it, I´m going share a spiritual moment.

Just a few minutes ago, the sisters from our district passed by to pick up some mail from my companion.  While they were here, a Sister, Sister Durham, from Logan was really emotional.  We started talking, and she expressed some family problems.  I could tell that she was feeling a bit down.  A thought hit me.  I asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing.  She felt she needed one, and we talked to the owner here at the Internet Cafe.  He´s our investigator and gave us permission to use the back patio for the blessing.  So we went back there, us Elders, and the Sisters, and we gave her a blessing.  I served as the voice, and it was such an amazing feeling.  I didn´t have any words in mind.  The Spirit just told me exactly what to say.  He told me what she needed to hear.  That was really powerful.  After the blessing Sister Durham expressed her gratitude for the priesthood, and told us, a little like our moms would say, ¨Don’t you ever forget it.¨  That was a nice reminder of our love from Heavenly Father. 

I hope you appreciated that thought, and now I will continue with the week.  Well this week, Elder Fiestas from my district finished his mission!  He is a really good friend, but because of that, his companion, Elder Phethean was with us in a trio, which was incredibly interesting.  You may remember me mentioning that there was an Elder that acted exactly like Dwight Schrut.  Well this is the Guy.  Haha!  He always has something interesting to say.  By interesting I mean SUPER INTERESTING...But he has a heart of gold, and I know that he´s always going to be a great friend. 

Well this morning like I said we have changes tomorrow, so next week I will let you know.

Ok now I´m going to use a little time to write you all individually, so I hope this was sufficient for a letter...if not...too bad :)

Love Elder Clayton Rodney England

P.S.  I just got the packages of the letters from dad on his mission, and the package from the England Family Christmas party!  That was really special thank you!!!!

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