Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mexico City #18

Mexico #18
Jan. 27, 2014

Ay!  ahorita fuimos al centro!  Eso lugar es tan chido y la historia allí es tan rico.!
éste semana, me di cuenta que el señor ésta tratando enseñarme algo.  Espero que puedo saber rapido!

This week was super interesting.  The adversary was attacking me very much on all fronts, this week with my testimony.  I kept getting hit with questions like ¨What if this all was false?”   It just kept coming back and back, and something that kept my heart at peace was the Book of Mormon.  I can’t deny that Cole was really healed by our faithfulness in reading that sacred book.  I can’t deny the night that  I truly asked Heavenly Father if it was true.  I can remember that night when I knelt in my room, and asked if it was true.  Peace came into my mind that it was true.  I can still see my room and I can still feel the love of our Heavenly Father.  This means that OF COURSE THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH!!!  Of course we have doubts and temptations!  We are the primary fighters against the adversary, so he is trying so hard on us.  I know that we all, as a family have a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  I want you to know that when we experience doubts and troubles, we just need to turn to that book and trust in it’s precepts.  I testify of this, and I want to invite each and everyone of you to read just one chapter of the Book of Mormon today and ponder ¨What has the lord taught me today in this chapter?¨
I promise that if you do, and if you all write about it, you will recognize that teaching in your life.

Ok, sorry for ¨preaching¨ but I hope I can help you out!  Well this week was fantastic, and my companion and me are doing a lot better now!  We talked things over, and I am seeing him really try to change.  I really love him.  We have changes this week, and I think that we will be changed.  

Well this week, we found an investigator from a reference from the Visitors Center!  Wow!   That place is magical!  We got like two in one day!  But this girl we visited is 16 and her name is Anyansi.  We talked about the Visitors Center.   She shared with us that she felt very good when she was talking about families with the missionaries there.  She told us that 3 years ago she was hit by a car, and it was a miracle that she wasn’t paralyzed.  She talked about the love that her mom showed when she really taught her how to walk again.  This reminded me of Cole when he had to learn to walk again, and really how amazing our family is!  I think that we will be able to see amazing progress with Anayansi!

Well I love you and I am praying for all of you!

Elder Clayton England

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Lindsey's Lemonade said...

I love reading about your mission! You are doing a great job and I am so very glad that my kids have a wonderful cousin who is setting a great example. Keep on going. You are in our prayers!
-Lindsey Joy Smith