Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mexico City #10

‪Elder Clayton England
Mexico #10

Well: I hope you all got my pictures of the Ferrari!  Ha Ha, it was the coolest/weirdest thing ever!  In the middle of Mexico City, I see this bright red beauty, and I stopped walking!  Ha Ha! I guess I have gone through car with drawls without even noticing!  Ha Ha!  It was so awesome!  I guess there is a Ferrari Club nearby and I think a man was renting it for the day.   But I’m not sure...it would be impossible to drive that thing here without a: it being stolen, b: crashing into another car, c: the road collapsing...the roads here are pretty funny!‬

Ok this week was pretty great!  I’m starting to really love my Ward!  The members are like a huge family, and they really all love each other!  The Stake is amazing, and we have so much fun with them!  Ha ha!  They are so great!

Ok, were do I start this week? I guess by thanking you all for the packages!  Ha Ha! The secretaries in the office were so mad.   How many did you send? 4 or 5, because I already have four!  Ha ha! They are so awesome!  I have almost already eaten all the Pop Tarts, and I am thinking of doing something for the primary with all the Heath Bars!  Ha ha! I guess there are about 100 bars, and there are about 25 kids in the primary here.   So I will have a BUNCH left over!  Hahaha! And the creepy troll elf thingy is awesome, and by that I mean super scary, because my comp keeps moving it around and trying to scare me!  

This week was very funny!  I’m starting to get a hang of Spanish now, that’s only because the gift of tongues is a really real thing.  I could say that I’ve studied perfectly, but I have received so much help from the Savior on that front.  

One story with that was we were at Hermana Laticia´s house and she is crazy.   She is hilarious and she always gives the missionaries food! I love her and we are trying to get her daughter to go on a mission because she has gotten a lot of spiritual promptings to serve.  But anyways, we were there for a lesson, and before we were talking and joking around, and her daughter, Jenni, said something to me.  I don’t remember what, but I understood it and we all started laughing.  That’s when Hermana Laticia, laughing, says in Spanish ¨the guero (white boy) doesn´t understand, he just likes to laugh¨.   That´s when I say ¨Hermana, I understand perfectly, and I agree¨!   She was shocked and it was super funny!  haha I love that family!  

I forgot to tell you all, but I ate pig nose tacos.  We were at lunch with a member in the markets, and we had tacos.  In the markets you can eat any part of the pig you want because they basically have it all there!  But this is how it went:

Me: ¨Hey what kind of taco are you getting?”
Comp: ¨Well I think leg and thigh, you?”
Me:  ¨Well, I see the nose right there, can we eat that?”
Comp:  ¨Why do you want to eat THAT?” 
Me:  ¨We’re in Mexico....so I’m pretty sure I need to?” 
Comp:  ¨....hmm I guess you’re right.  Makes sense!”

Haha!  It was so funny.   I love this place!  The tacos, weren’t half bad, it was easy..ish to forget what I was eating, but I love the chance to try new things!  

Our investigators!  We are baptizing Victoria this Saturday!  She is about 75 and way funny!  She is so crazy, and she always starts the lessons with, ¨ok do you want to pray or should I?¨   Haha! She is hilarious and she talks soooo fast, so it is so hard to understand her! We are also working with her daughter and her son in law.  They have accepted a baptismal date, but we need to work out a divorce first from her previous husband.  The problem is no one knows where he is, but the Lord will take care of it all.  I don’t know how, but he will.  

Well this week, I read the 4th missionary again.  I love how empowering that story is, and I hope everyone has a chance to read it!  It applies to everyone.  What I love so much from it, is how much it places our own responsibility on becoming what we should be.  There are countless scriptures that say we receive according to our desires.  This is so amazing to me, because I know what I want to be.   I just don’t know how to do it.  Heavenly Father will make the way for me, and I  just have to accept His help.  This is true for all of us.   We can all change who we are, right now for the better.  We are always changing, and we always have a chance to become more than we are!  I absolutely love this!  A thing I want everyone to know, is that through this gospel, we can change.  Without it, we have no reason to, but when we have the knowledge that we do, we can use it to become more like our Savior.   And that is killing the natural man.  I have a strong testimony of that and I am trying to accept His help more in my life.

Mi familia, les amo.  Les Extraño un buen!   Estoy muy animado hablar con ustedes este navidad!  Yo espero que sepan que yo voy hacer mi mejor esfuerzo. Tengo esperanza en el futuro y tengo esperanza en ustedes!  

Con amor siempre

Elder Clayton Rodney England

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