Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mexico City #12

Mexico #12

Answering questions first:

I’m not sure on the skyping situation.  I’m pretty positive we will skype because its almost free compared to calling.  My next P Day is Dec 23, so I will know before then and will be able to write you guys to say times.

My Christmas packages haven’t arrived yet.   I think, I’m going to the mission office tomorrow so I will find out then!
 I hope I get them all.

Dear Family,

Ok well this week was fantastic!  We had a ton of work and some success!  

Well the picture we had from the baptism was Victoria.  She is 71 years old, and super funny and super crazy!  I don’t know if I have said this yet, but now we have a 5 sacrament meeting attendance policy for every baptism.  It has slowed down the baptisms, but now we can at least retain some people!  Victoria was baptized Saturday.   I performed the ordinance, and like I said she is a little old.   She didn’t get that she needed to plug her nose, so that was a little frightening when she started choking.   But other than that it was a beautiful thing!  One of the great fruits of this baptism was that Victoria’s daughter Guadalupe, who isn’t a member starting crying, and she has since been taking the lessons!  I think we will be able to baptize her, her husband, and their daughter!  Wow!  The Lord is so great!

Well another cool experience that we had this week, was that we had 6 investigators in Sacrament Meeting!  They came out of nowhere because we had planned on about 3, but another 3 showed up!  Aurelio, the man I mentioned last week, that can’t walk, well he was there...WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!  

That was such an amazing thing, and then our first convert, Jose, had his cousin there as well, as well as a man we met about 2 months ago in the street when he was SUPER drunk.  Wow this Ward really helped us out, because for a minute or two we had our hands really full!  Wow I love this Ward!  Aeropuerto!   I really don’t want to be changed, because this next cycle we will have two more elders in our ward, and I’m pretty sure we are going to have a lot of success!  So today it was great news when I learned were not changing.   Which is great because I love my companion Elder Gomez and everyone in this area!   Wow such a great week!

Ok well something that i was studying this week that was interesting;
In Alma 14 it talks about the missionary efforts of Alma and Amulek.  In this chapter, we see some really terrible things.  Alma and Amulek are imprisoned and really beaten.  The saints that they had converted are cast into a fire.  This, honestly is so awful.  I’m sure they loved these people.  They watched this all happen.  They are constrained to not act with the power of God, because those souls are saved.  They are then taken, bound, and put again in prison.  Their clothes are taken, and they are given no food or water.  After this, the lawyers, and the judges come, question them, and beat them.  This is were the miracle happens;

It says in the chapter that after ALL of the lawers and judges had smitten them, up until the VERY LAST ONE, that’s when Alma and Amulek receive power.  I am 100 percent positive they received strength during this trial.  But at this time, they rise up and destroy these terrible men.  This can be applied with us.   After we have been smitten, hurt, and tried, even until THE VERY LAST THING, we receive our strength to change our circumstances.  We must endure until the very end.  That’ not today or tomorrow or this week, but the end!   We will receive the strength to do it, and we WILL be able to do it.  That is a promise from the God of the whole earth: THAT WE CAN DO THIS!!! 
I love this and I hope this helps anyone, because one person is enough.

P.S.  Please keep writing, I love hearing about you all!

Elder England

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