Monday, January 20, 2014

Mexico City #17

Mexico City #17

Hijole, éste semana fue interesante!  wow!  tuvimos un bautismo por nuestro contacto y mi compañero y yo hemos peleado mucho.  yo no le entiendo.  el los odie las reglas.  y yo he sentido sé frustrado con casi todo.

Querido Familia,
Well in that Spanish, I just expressed that we had a baptism this week, and that me and my compañion have fought a bit.  I also talked about how he hates rules, and how I´m feeling frustrated!
But before I get to all that, I will share something that I learned this week;  We had interviews this week with the Presidente.  Presidente Anaya, really is a great man.  He was a 70, a convert, and interestingly enough never served a mission.  But during our interview, he shared with me a scripture in Alma 32 which says,

 38 But if ye aneglect the tree, and take no thought for its nourishment, behold it will not get any root; and when the heat of the sun cometh and scorcheth it, because it hath no root it withers away, and ye pluck it up and cast it out.

Well this was an allegory to faith as a seed.  When we want to grow our seed of faith into a tree full of the fruit of knowledge, we need to take care of it.  We need to maintain it, that is to nurture it.  We can nurture this seed with various things:
prayer, fasting, study, and good works.  Earlier in the chapter, alma says that if we can only desire to believe, we have enough to grow our tree.  Repeatedly in the scriptures, we see that we will be judged according to our desires, and our actions.  I have been growing my testimony that we can accomplish amazing things with our desires, AND our actions, or in other words our desires, AND how we nourish our seed.  Those two things will improve our lives soooo much.  I know we all have the desires to be better, but do we all have the faith to accomplish our desires?

 43 Then, my brethren, ye shall areap the brewards of your faith, and your diligence, and patience, and long-suffering, waiting for the tree to bring forth cfruit unto you.

In the end of this chapter, we are promised the blessings of our faith.  I testify that our desires and our actions should be very closely related, and as we seek to become closer to the lord, we will grow that tree of true and everlasting knowledge.

Ok sorry, I´ll get off my soap box now, and I´ll share my week.  
Well me and Elder Gomez have had a few problems this week.  That´s the truth.  He really hates obedience, and he absolutely hates someone telling him what to do.  This is a problem when he does something like waste time, and I tell him that we should leave.  He does not listen and just gets angry with me.  We have worked things out for now, but I don´t want to become complacent.  I don´t want to let little things slip because I know he will take all the room he can.  I really to trust him and love him, that´s why I want him to become the best he can be.  

Ok sorry for that venting, but also this week, we had a baptism for Arelio.  He was our contact by a miracle, and he no longer is our investigator because our ward got split into two companionships.  Those other missionaries worked with him, and it was really special to see this old man, who has had 46 children with 16 different women receive that needed ordinances.  His daughter was there, who is a member who lives in Florida.  She gave the closing prayer, which was very, very special.  Soon she began crying as she offered her thanks to her Heavenly Father.  This about broke my heart.  Wow!  

Well that was mas o menos my week, and I did get my packages, and they are fantastic!!!  Thank you so much mom!!!  The kids in the ward love them, and they really do work for contacting!!!

Have a good week, and know I am praying for you!  Elder Clayton Rodney England

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Lindsey's Lemonade said...

How wonderful to see someone who has really lived such a difficult life style change and join the church. Love that! As for the companion... it's probably time to start pulling some pranks on him while he sleeps...