Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mexico City #9

11/25/13 (KFC)
Dear Familia,

Pues, me encanta Mexico.  Realmente.  La comida es rica y la gente son bueno.  Les amo much.  Este Semana fue muy duro, estoy muy agradecido por su amor y su apoya.  Por favor, lo necesito su ayuda mucho.  No puedo hacer este obra sin mi familia.  
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  New babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well where do I start with this week?  I guess with answering questions:

Well Dad, I am in my same apartment, which I love.  They view is so crazy!  I can see the Temple, the Mexico MTC, a soccer stadium, a race track, and my whole area from the roof!!!  Mexico City is cheating when it says it's one city, mainly because it's probably about the same size of Utah Valley, Salt Lake Valley, and ...Logan?  I'm not sure which one it is, but it's that big!  It truly is amazing!  There are so many people here!  The metro gets "tan feo" with people!  Ok other questions, Cassidy, no it really isn't cold here, and when I don't wear a jacket people think I'm weird and call me irresponsible.   (I think that's what they're saying...) and the food here is so good!  We eat with members everyday and they feed us really well.  It truly humbles me.  These people have almost nothing and they are offering us seconds! Wow! 

Ok, Spanish: Well now that I’m starting to get a hang of the language.  (I really receive the gift of tongues DAILY!)  I am finding that it really is such a beautiful language.  The way that it sounds when you understand it, it sounds so pretty.  I love it...when they're not swearing at me!)

 Ok ,P day:  Today we cleaned the apartment for about two hours because the house was very unorganized, and it was hard to feel the spirit with everything everywhere.   Then we went and had lunch with some other Elders and went to Walmart!  Walmart!  It's like America in there!  I loved it!  And I realized I love buying “post its” and things like that...I guess I'm just super weird, but I Have Lucky Charms!!!!!  Yes!!!!!  Oh and for Christmas, I am grateful for anything thank you!

Ok, well we don't really have that much time to write today.  I need to be better on that.  Guys just so you know I think I’m getting a little lax with the rules.  I'm not going to blame it on my companion.  I would really like it if you helped me out with being obedient.  Just tell me your expectations, and please help me to live up to them.

Well this week was really difficult in terms of my testimony.  For most of the week I was so worried that I couldn't do this.  That I would have to give up.  I felt terrible in my spirit.  I felt as if I was a terrible person, and that I had no business wearing the name of Christ on my heart, but that's when my companion helped me.  I expressed to him my feelings.  He then told me a very simple thing.  Our message.  Our message is for ALL people, not just the certain select.  It truly is amazing.  I had always believed in the Savior, but I had never internalized that belief.  I had acted, but without proper faith.  I had faith, faith to act, but not faith to really take the Savior into my being.  I am trying now to really understand the Savior and Heavenly Father and the Spirit.  One thing that kept coming into my mind is faith without works is dead.  The truth is, it works opposite also.  Works without faith is dead.  If we do all that we can but we don't really have the truthfulness of the gospel IN our souls, what is the point.  That's what I want to share with you all today.   We can use our agency to choose to believe, and like Alma says, if we CHOOSE to believe, that believe will grow if it is true.  I feel that belief growing.  I love it.

Another scripture I found this week was Enos 1 12.
It states that after we do ALL that we can we will be blessed according to our desires, following our faith.  

Family, please help me grow my testimony.  I want to grow in my testimony of my Savior, and please help me to do that!

I love you all!
Elder Clayton Rodney England

(Lunch at Walmart!)

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