Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mexico City #66B

I think I am still learning how to write you guys well.  haha I hope I dont´ sound super depressed all the time, man that´s annoying! Ha,ha!

Ok some fun things that have happened this week.
Well I am in a ward with sisters now, and we eat together with the members.  I see now that my social skills with the opposite sex have crashed and burned.  I now do not know how to talk to girls.  Also my "Mission Goggles" are going super strong.  If a girl isn´t super, super big fat, (but I don't like to say that) and if she has make up I, think she´s pretty....That will be wierd to get home and see local pretty girls…

Every once in a while I think I speak spanish well and then someone comments something like :Well, I don´t really understand you, but I feel good:¨  Hahaha!   I love when that happens.

I bought protien today.  i´m gonna get strong again before I get home.  
Moving is rough as a missionary...I don´t think I have ever seen a more stuffed suit case in my life.  Surprised that nothing broke in the move.

It is super cold here.  haha who would have thought that mexico would be cold, but it is freezing!  I think I will die back in utah!  

I am really happy right now.  I think the Lord really helps us to always remain humble, but also to remain happy.  

love you guys!  

We did a service project and brought toys to kids who needed a christmas.  They were so happy and I think we arrived right as their parents were yelling at them.  Great timing!!!

Elder Clayton Rodney England

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